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Birth Session

~ Why should I hire a birth photographer?

The birth of a baby is the most beautiful, emotional, and magic time in life. Having a professional there to document your baby’s birth not only ensures that you have beautiful photographs of this special time, but it also frees up dad from having to try and remember to take photos throughout the labour and birth, this means he is able to focus on the important job of helping mum, and welcoming your new baby. It also means that dad gets to be in the photos too!

~ When should I get in touch with you to make a booking?

I limit the amount of sessions per month to ensure the highest quality of service to clients. So it is never too early to book a session and of course you can get in touch at anytime if you have any questions.

~ How long will you stay? What if I have a really long labour?

Birth photography by definition is unpredictable. As soon as you are in hospital give me a call and I will stay until an hour after your baby is born.

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Newborn Session 

~ Why should I hire a newborn photographer? 

They are only this small for just an instant…You will want to remember their milk spots, tiny toes, fluffy hair, squishy legs and all that is new and fresh about them. They are brand new people, and they will change so quickly and never be this tiny again.

~ When is the best time for newborn session? 

The ‘ideal’ window for those sleepy-curly poses is between 4-14 days after birth. During these days, they are more relaxed and sleepy to get more artistic photos. All babies are different, however and some sleep quite well at 3+ weeks. It’s very common they wake up and need to be feed during the session.

~Do I have to prepare and special cloth or props? 

No, just come and relax. Newborns are usually photographed naked. We have a lot of hats, hair bans and props to choose. They do often wee, poo and vomit everywhere and that is totally fine. A pile of washing after each newborn shoot is part of our job.

~ How long it will take? 

It may take upto 4 hours for newborn photography session, as we allow time for feeding, nappy changes, and of course cuddling!

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Children & Family Session

I only offer lifestyle photography for children and family sessions which are just nothing but relax and wonderful!

Those photos where the eyes just leap out at you? Where the skin is just glowing? Where the grins stretch from ear to ear? They’re not done in a studio.

Full of colour and life, no formal poses, no flashing lights, just a couple of hours in your favourite place!

I did a lifestyle shoot recently with a Dad that hated having his photo taken; I asked him if he enjoyed it more than he thought he would? He replied that he didn’t even feel like he was in front of a camera, it just felt like he was taking a stroll in the park.

Let’s go out, kick a ball, sit in the mud, climb a tree, play on a swing – and I’ll capture those smiles as you know them – as the really big ones.

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