It was such a pleasure to finally feel like a photographer was able to catch the really moment that I’ve always wanted in a photograph of my children…I’d like to say that Stacey works very smoothly and her creativity when it comes to “thinking outside of the box” was exceptional! Mucho talent:)…my children had a blast and I can honestly say that I now have received the best pictures of my kids ever, that display unsurpassed amounts of emotion…with such quality!:) Thank You So Much Stacey!

– Lydia Potter

Thank you Stacey for the beautiful photos that you have taken of my children. I couldn’t have asked for better photos. Dealing with 4 children (one of them being 6 days old) is no easy feat and to be able to have photos of them is very special. Thank you also for the behind the scenes work you put in as well, getting the older kids to smile and participate and holding, comforting and waiting for my newborn to fall asleep so you can capture those beautiful pictures. Will be coming back for more.

– Barbara Reid

Stacey, these photos are absolutely breathtaking, can’t stop having a little tear when looking upon my son! You have given me and my family such a precious gift. Thank you!

– Natasha McKinnon

I just had to write and tell you that I received the most amazing portraits of my family! As usual, you have created the most beautiful and heart-warming pictures that tell a wonderful story of this amazing family. I know I use the word “amazing” a lot in this note to you, but these pictures and your incredible skill of bringing out the best in people truly is amazing! You have such a gift. Each portrait is so unique and each one touches my heart and I will cherish them forever. They will always have a prominent and special place in my home and I am very blessed to have these portraits. Thank you Stacey for doing such a great job – they bring me much happiness.

– Destiny and Riki Kewley 



We are so very pleased with the pictures – they are so beautiful and will forever remind us of our beautiful little girl. We have received comments on how absolutely beautiful and unique the pictures are. We are certain we have choose the city’s #1 children photographer and we have genuinely enjoyed your work as well as your personality.

Thank you so much for everything!

– Flora Jin


Thank you Stacey for the beautiful photos you did of our little girl. You were so patient for the four hours photo shoot & captured my baby so perfectly.

-Taryn Clarke